The Moto X is a hit in China, with 1M bookings in just 5 days

Lenovo’s $2.91 billion purchase of Motorola from Google is starting to look like a smart move, particularly in its home country of China. The official Motorola account on Weibo announced one million online bookings for the second edition Moto X on Monday, just days after the reservation process began.

moto X 1m china

It’s important to note that these technically aren’t pre-orders but are people interested in buying the handset, similar to a non-committal reservation process. Regardless, it’s an impressive number for the Moto X: By comparison, Apple took a reported 4 million reservations in China for its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones in October.

G for Games, which noticed Motorola’s Weibo posting, points out that the online reservation process for the Moto X began on January 27, so the million reservations took place in just a few short days.

When Motorola announced it was bringing the Moto X to China — as well as the Moto G with LTE and Moto X Pro (essentially [company]Google[/company]’s Nexus 6) — earlier last month, I wondered how much Motorola and Lenovo would benefit. After all, China is the world’s most populous nation and still has far less smartphone penetration than the U.S. and Europe. We won’t have an exact answer to that question for several months, but I’d say the strong Moto X interest bodes well for Lenovo, which leapfrogged Huawei to become the no. 3 smartphone seller in the final quarter of 2014.