This $6 app turns your Android into a PlayStation Portable

Sony sold an estimated 80 million PlayStation Portable devices before discontinuing the hardware last year. But PSP fans can still get their game on with PPSPP, a PlayStation Portable emulator app for Android phones and tablets.

Liliputing spotlighted the software on Monday, noting that there’s both a free, ad-supported version and a $5.99 ad-free edition available in the Google Play Store. The requirements are pretty meager too: As long as you have a phone or tablet running [company]Google[/company] Android 2.3 or better, PPSPP ought to work. The app supports touchscreen controls or can be used with either a wired USB controller or one that works wirelessly over Bluetooth.


Of course, the emulator is simply that: Software that emulates Sony’s gaming hardware. It doesn’t actually come with any games you can play. For that, you’ll need to either rip the software from your old Sony games or search onlineĀ for game files, neither of which are technically legal. That hasn’t stopped some Sony PSP game sites from hosting downloads, of course; I’ve seen some titles with nearly 2 million downloads.

Regardless of that, it’s nice to see an old game console gain a new lease on life, either officially or unofficially. And it’s a great way to get some old-school gaming on your current Android handset, particularly if you have some old PSP games lying around.