Amazon and Sprint may pick over RadioShack’s remains

After getting suspended from the New York Stock Exchange, RadioShack is probably headed for bankruptcy, but it looks to have a couple of potential buyers lined up to take over its retail stores. Both Amazon and Sprint are weighing bids for some of RadioShack’s 4,000 U.S. locations, according to two separate reports from Bloomberg.

[company]Sprint[/company], which Bloomberg says is interested in 1,300 to 2,000 stores, might mainly be interested in [company]RadioShack[/company] for defensive reasons since RadioShack is one of its big reseller partners. The electronics chain has not only long sold Sprint phones, it also carries its prepaid Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile brands. [company]Amazon[/company], however, would be tackling some entirely new: brick-and-mortar retail.

Amazon, too, is only interested in some of Radio Shack’s locations, Bloomberg reported, but those stores could serve as showcases for its increasing number of mobile devices, living room gadgets and services. Amazon could also use the stores as physical pick-up and drop-off locations for customers, as well as provide immediate face-to-face tech support the way Apple does in its Genius Bars.