ARM-based Chromebooks gain music uploading to Google Play Music

Nearly a year ago, Chromebooks got a new feature: The ability to upload locally stored music files directly to a Google Play Music account. But there was a catch. The uploading was only supported on Chrome OS devices that ran on Intel chips. Now, ARM-powered Chromebooks can finally do the same.

Chrome OS enthusiast Craig Tumblison noted the new feature on Monday night in a Google+ post and Google’s own François Beaufort confirmed it on Tuesday:

“Make sure you’ve installed the App from the Chrome Web Store first, then go to, click on the “Add Music” orange button and upload your best-loved music directly from your ARM Chromebook.”

The new feature requires the latest version of Google Play Music, which Google wrote using Native Client technology; a method to use C or C++ code in a browser-based system. Beaufort says the code has modules for three different chip architectures: x86 32-bit, x86 64-bit and ARM. However, the Chrome Web Store only sends the appropriate modules based on the requesting system.