Got sick kids? Take their temp with Wishbone and your phone

With both of my kids now in high school, it’s been a long time since the days of taking a crying baby’s temperature. I still remember it though, trying — and generally failing — to get a squirming, cranky child to hold still while trying to use an in-ear or oral thermometer. There’s no need for any of that with the Wishbone, a smart thermometer that can scan for a body temp in just a few seconds.

wishbone baby temp

Wishbone is a current Kickstarter project that surpassed its original $20,000 funding goal and is nearing $100k in backing with 19 days to go. The small device is called Wishbone because of its Y-shape. That shape was chosen on purpose said Harry Hu, the Wishbone’s creator who just also happens to own a baby products store. The shape makes it easier to “operate and view at the same time,” he noted.

Inside Wishbone is an infrared temperature sensor, capable of readings between zero and 100 degrees Celsius, or 32 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit, with a readings to 0.1 degrees. The small device is powered by a replaceable coin-cell battery which should last about a year. Wishbone connects to either an [company]Apple[/company] iPhone or [company]Google[/company] Android handset through the phone’s 3.5 millimeter headset jack: Just plug it in, fire up the Wishbone companion app and take someone’s temperature. The Y-shape allows for easy reading of the temp on your phone while scanning at the same time.
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Hu said that he’s working on two additional modes for the Wishbone: Ambient and Object. With the first, you’d be able to get the temp of your surroundings while the latter could be used to scan the temperature of any object, such as the baby’s bath water or milk. The software will support historical temperature readings and Hu is hoping to integrate that function with Apple’s HealthKit platform in the future.

wishbone ios android

The early-bird backing of a Wishbone for $26 is already sold out, so if you want to support the project now, it will cost you $33. Wishbone is expected to hit mass production this April, so if all goes according to plan, you’ll have your smart thermometer in a few short months.