Windows 10 phone pic leaks show revamped settings, keyboard

It appears that some handsets have the technical preview of Windows 10 for phones a bit early, and their owners are happy to share what they see. China-based site ITHome published several screenshots of the new software, which Microsoft will make available later this month, showing a bit more of what we can expect for the company’s mobile platform.

[company]Microsoft[/company]’s handset keyboard gets a selfie or two, with a new feature that moves the keys over to the left or right side of the display — helpful for one-handed typing on a larger phone such as the Lumia 1520.


Also modified is the Windows Settings screen, which was in sore need of an overhaul. Currently, there’s far too much scrolling to get at the setting you’re looking for and even the ordering of the choices seems less than optimal. The new Settings screen appears to rectify that with more information density and improved categories, as illustrated by this pic from The Verge:


Microsoft offered a glimpse at some new Windows 10 features on handsets a few weeks ago and said it will launch the software technical preview this month. If you’re interested in Windows 10 for your phone, you’ll want to sign up to be a Windows Insider here.

I’ve already done that so I’m just waiting on Microsoft at this point. The updated software looks like a steady improvement on what’s already a fairly compelling mobile device operating system. And Microsoft’s hope is that its universal app strategy will help persuade developers to add more of their apps to the platform, which is one of the company’s biggest obstacles to Windows Phone adoption.