Yes, there is an Asus VivoWatch, and it just might run Windows

Although Asus already has a smartwatch product in the Android Wear ZenWatch, it’s clearly not satisfied with just one wearable device. Evidence confirms that the company does have a second watch in the works and the referenced name indicates it could run Microsoft’s software.

microsoft band

Here’s what we know so far. Asus applied for the “Asus VivoWatch” trademark last month, as noted earlier this week by WinSource. The application describes watch that can monitor the wearer’s heart rate and can exchange data with a mobile device.

On Friday, NotebookItalia noticed that the Bluetooth SIG has certified the Asus VivoWatch for various Bluetooth 4.0 functions and describes Model HC-A01 of the VivoWatch as a “health watch which can detect heart rate and sleep data.” Clearly, Asus is planning a second smartwatch; perhaps we’ll see it next month at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

ASUS ZenFone 2 color line up 2

The twist here is in the product name. Asus uses the Vivo brand for devices that run [company]Microsoft[/company] Windows software. There are the VivoBook and the VivoTab lines, for example. Asus uses the Zen branding on its Google Android products; the Zen UI is Asus’ skin atop Android, for example, and the new ZenFone 2 is built on Android.

So it’s not a stretch to think that the VivoWatch will be powered by Microsoft software. It’s possible that Asus is partnering with Microsoft to leverage the latter company’s Band product, which is Microsoft’s first foray into health-tracking. When it launched the Band, Microsoft also introduced its Health platform and said “New devices can license our 10 wrist-worn sensor modules to gather robust data including active heart rate, sleep and GPS.”


Perhaps Asus will be the first on board to do just that, putting its own take on the Microsoft Band with the VivoWatch. That would give Asus a new wearable product that works across multiple platforms — [company]Google[/company] Android, [company]Apple[/company] iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone — possibly in a design that’s a little more watch-like than Microsoft’s Band.