What customers want in 2015: Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, Docker and AWS

When it comes to cloud technologies, vendors can get carried away with adding cool features to their products. But if those features don’t provide real business value to the customer, they are useless.

Based on discussions with our customers – innovative companies using Stackato Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) – they want their cloud technologies to be supported by a robust ecosystem, while being flexible enough to leverage emerging technologies. Here are the four common themes we’ve been hearing.

PaaS based on Cloud Foundry: Cloud Foundry has the largest ecosystem, backed by the biggest tech giants in the industry. We’re excited to be a founding Gold member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Move to OpenStack to avoid vendor lock-in: OpenStack is becoming the standard for open Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). The combination of a Cloud Foundry based PaaS on OpenStack is a comprehensive cloud solution.

Docker containers: Docker has the potential to be the standard for application execution environments, but it needs to be extended to become a true enterprise solution.

Hybrid cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS): Customers want the flexibility to deploy to the public cloud as easily as they do on-premise.

Stackato is built on Cloud Foundry and other open source technologies. It incorporates Docker containers to provide a full solution to build, scale and manage applications, and supports any combination of infrastructure, from AWS and OpenStack to vSphere. These initiatives are the result of listening to our customers, and we plan to continue delivering real business value in 2015 and beyond.