Do you use Gmail and Dropbox? Get this free, new extension

Even though I’m a Chromebook user with 1 TB of free Google Drive storage, I have multiple cloud storage accounts. That’s mainly for redundancy, but of course it can add complexity: Sometimes I’m not sure which cloud provider has what files or I have to open multiple tabs to get at a file I want to attach to an email.

Enter Dropbox for Gmail: A Chrome extension that adds a Dropbox button to the Gmail Compose screen. As long as you use Chrome for your browsing needs, the extension should work, so it’s handy regardless of your operating system, whether it’s [company]Microsoft[/company] Windows, [company]Apple[/company] Mac OS X, or [company]Google[/company]’s own Chrome OS.

One installed, you’ll see a Dropbox button in Compose screen when writing a new message in Gmail. Click the button and you’ll see all of your Dropbox files so you can choose to attach one or more of them to your message; there’s also a search function to help you sort through your Dropbox drive.

dropbox for gmail

Dropbox for Gmail inserts links to the files on Dropbox, not the actual attachments. Your message recipients will see a preview of the linked files so they get an idea of what you’ve attached before they even click the link and download the files.