Report: Apple won’t sell iOS accessories designed on leaks

It’s not uncommon for next-generation iPhone cases to appear before actual new iPhone models. That’s because accessory makers often jockey for position to be the first to have products ready for new iPhones. And Apple may have had enough of that mad dash. According to 9to5 Mac, Apple will reportedly ban sales of such products in Apple Stores.

Citing four different sources, 9to5 Mac says that [company]Apple[/company] sought new agreements from the top accessory makers prior to last year’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch:

Vendors that balked at the agreement were told that their products would be banned from Apple’s stores in the absence of a signature. Some vendors that signed the agreement were subsequently dropped from the stores anyway, but say that they believe they remain contractually bound by its terms.

Apple offers its own accessories, of course, so it’s not unreasonable to assume it wants customers to buy cases and such from it, rather than from third parties, during the high=volume sales period following a new device launch. By keeping that window a bit more to itself through such agreements, Apple can boost its profit margins and sales during that time. And when the other accessories arrive, designed on Apple’s official specs, they can join the Apple Store sales party.