ScreenPop is like Snapchat for your Android lock screen

Here’s an interesting Android app for the photo-sharing obsessed. It’s called ScreenPop and it lets you share or view photo messages with friends right from the lock screen of your handset.

ScreenPop reminds me quite a bit of Snapchat, only you don’t have to open an app to use it. Instead, you can take and share a photo — or choose one from your phone’s photo gallery — and immediately send it to other friends who have ScreenPop installed. Your sent picture will appear on their handset’s lock screen and then cease to exist once they unlock their phone. Here’s a quick look at how it works:


Conceptually, I like the idea; there’s less of a barrier for you to share photos that have a short shelf life because you don’t have to unlock your phone with a PIN or security code. You just choose or snap a pic, annotate it if you want, and send it off. Fundamentally, though, I don’t think I’d feel that comfortable with a non-secure app that could send pictures from my phone. And the same applies on the receiving end: You never know what image is going to pop up on your phone next, which could lead to some embarrassing moments.

Still, I’m sure there’s a market for ScreenPop, which comes from the same team that designed Locket, one of [company]Google[/company]’s picks for best apps in 2014 and an intelligent Android lock screen that surfaces interesting content similar to the Flipboard app. The key difference is that you’re getting that information right on your lock screen so you see it more quickly than in a traditional app.

Maybe it’s just me, though. I am getting old. I can’t help thinking the one time I leave my phone somewhere, someone is going to be sending photos to friends on my behalf and I have no control over that. Or that funny pic of a crazy party from a old classmate will suddenly appear on my phone for all to see when it was only meant for me.

If you have fewer reservations than I do, you can install ScreenPop for free from the Google Play Store provided your phone runs Google Android 4.0 or better.