Gigaom Research webinar: Technology and the future of work: supporting the modern enterprise

The nature of work has changed profoundly in the last several years, and it isn’t done yet. Previously clear departmental lines are blurring, as each builds in-house expertise and budget to move more nimbly. The manner in which workers create and communicate, the relationships they have with employers and each other, and the tools they use to manage it all are in a constant state of flux – and change may be the new normal. Collaboration is more essential than ever, but what shape will it take?

Unlike previous disruptions in the workforce, this change requires more than shifting from one set of standardized services to another. IT must now manage a constant evolution of user demands and roles, supporting openness and creativity, and also negotiate a landscape in which its internal clients — such as Marketing departments — flex their increasing budgetary muscle, provisioning IT services directly from third parties.

What shape will the new workplace take, and for how long? This change cannot begin with technology. It requires a fundamental standard of how the relationships between work, workers, and businesses are continuing to evolve.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss:

  • How will an increasingly distributed, discontinuous, and decentralized work environment change the demands on IT?
  • What are the key impediments to productivity in the modern enterprise? Where do current processes and tools fail?
  • What forms of messaging apps are displacing social collaboration, and why?
  • In highly matrixed organizations, how do employees know which work really is highest priority, when multiple people are asking them to deliver now?
  • Is it possible (or desirable) to create a “unified inbox” that aggregates tasks from multiple backend systems and communications tools?
  • What management, security, and accountability challenges will the new workplace present?
  • How can enterprises get ahead of their employees’ needs and adapt to coming changes to the workplace?

Speakers include:

  • Larry Hawes, Principal, Dow Brook Advisory Services
  • Stowe Boyd, Lead analyst, Gigaom Research
  • Philip Sheldrake, Managing Partner, Euler Partners
  • Amanda Schneider, Workplace trends researcher and Huffington Post contributor
  • Heather Hurst, Director of Corporate Marketing, Workfront

Register here to join Gigaom Research and Workfront for “Technology and the Future of Work: Supporting the Modern Enterprise,” a free analyst webinar on Thursday, February 26, 2014, at 10 a.m. PT.