Nokia Here for Android is updated, out of beta and in Google Play

Nokia had quite the beta trial for its new Android version of Here, receiving 3 million downloads in four months after releasing the software for sideload on its website. But Nokia believes it has worked out the kinks and it’s launching a new version of the app with several new features and updates. It’s also making the app far more accessible to the Android-wielding public by offering it in Google Play.

If you already have the beta version of Here, you probably need to download the new version from Play as the beta version likely won’t automatically update. It should be worth the effort since [company]Nokia[/company] has fixed some bugs and added some new bells and whistles to the app.

Most notably, it’s added more interactivity to the maps so you can tap on businesses, points of interest and even traffic alerts to get more detailed information. For instance, tapping on a road closure notice could give you info on how long the street will be closed to traffic and what other streets are affected (assuming Here’s traffic service has access to that information). Nokia is also adding 3D maps of major landmarks to the Android version. Those 3D renderings don’t just look pretty. You can interact with them directly and even zoom through them to get directions inside of a building.

Nokia Here Android update

For a complete list of the new updates, check out this post on Nokia’s Here blog. The new version of the app is already available in Google Play in the U.S., but Nokia said it may take some time for it to populate the Play stores in other regions of the world. This week Nokia also updated its core map data for both Android and Windows phone, adding navigable cartography for several new countries and new details to existing maps. Nokia is also preparing a new iOS version of Here, though it didn’t give details on the timing.