Study reveals 3 things that are killing your work productivity

If you feel like you’re not getting as much done at work as you should be, the reasons might lie in the things that are supposed to make you more productive.

According to a new study by Workfront, enterprise workers are being pulled away from their work by tools and practices that are supposed to make them more productive. Here are the study’s highlights:

  1. Primary job duties are getting the short end of the stick.
    Surprisingly, the average worker spends only 44 percent of their week on their primary job duties. Yes, that’s less than half. Where does the other 56 percent go? Email, administrative tasks, meetings (both wasteful and productive), and interruptions.
  2. Email is your frenemy.
    Ninety-one percent of enterprise workers use email, according to the study. Unfortunately, respondents also said email eats up 14 percent of their time every week, and 43 percent said excessive emails stymie their work.
  3. Work conflict isn’t personal.
    Contrary to popular misconceptions, only 3 percent of conflicts in enterprises stem from personality or cultural differences. In contrast, 71 percent come from conflicting priorities, miscommunication, and misunderstandings about urgency.

What Does This Mean?
Clearly, the enterprise teams struggle with too many tools, wasted time, and avoidable clashes, but what does this mean for the future of work? And how can your organization avoid these problems?

To find out, register for the webinar “Technology and the Future of Work: Supporting the Modern Enterprise,” 1 p.m. EST, on Thursday, Feb. 26.