Snapchat’s new music feature is more important than it seems

Snapchat now lets you add music tracks to your snap videos on iPhones.

You can simultaneously run audio apps, like Pandora and iTunes, while taping Snapchat video at the same time. The recording won’t stop, and as a result it will capture the songs you’re playing on the phone in a clear, crisp way. The update explains why Snapchat recently banned Mindie, an app that allows you to make mini music videos by adding audio to video.

It’s a minor feature change but its implications are bigger than they seem. For one thing, by adding this editing option, Snapchat seems to be wooing social media stars. Given that major Vine celebrities like Jerome Jarre have left the app to focus on Snapchat, I can’t help but wonder if they’re the ones who were asking for this feature.

The other significance of Snapchat’s new music feature is what it says about the company’s direction. We know based on the Sony leaks that Evan Spiegel wanted Snapchat to create its own music label. As TechCrunch pointed out, Snapchat had already highlighted artists like Vance Joy by sending video snaps of their music to users. These clips, when clicked, took Snapchat users to the iTunes store.

By building the technology that allows you to record audio from your phone while making a Snapchat video, the ephemeral company is facilitating the making of mini, amateur music videos. It’s creating a format that will allow you to quickly share music and other media with your friends.

It’s not hard to imagine that helping the company with future entertainment endeavors down the line.