Google fits more search results on mobile screens

Search Google for something on your handset today and you might get more information than you expected. That’s generally a good thing though, and Google is making it easier to view a wider range of search results on mobile devices. The company is adding groupings of stories from sites in a way that’s easy to navigate on the small screen.

When you search for a topic, just scroll down to see a “carousel” of recent articles, videos or more on that subject. Tap any link to read or watch exactly what you’re interested in. For example, if you search for NPR, you’ll see links to all their latest articles and videos. Search for the Knicks to browse content from their site as well as videos and news from ESPN or Bleacher Report. (If you don’t see this new feature yet when you search for your favorite site, stay tuned—we’ll be making this available for more sites soon.)

The key here is in the last sentence: This feature is available on a per-site basis. So you won’t see the carousels of additional information for every site.

google mobile search carousel

A quick test on a search topic relevant to me — Liverpool FC, for example — did generate a few such scrollable sections; namely from the team’s main site and the Liverpool Echo, which provided me more interesting content to view. I tested it both in the browser and in Google’s own search app on a phone, getting the same results.

While this can help mobile searchers gather more information in one place, it also has the potential to help [company]Google[/company]. The more time spent in Google’s search engine brings more opportunity for mobile users to click ads and help Google monetize its mobile efforts.