Vivek Wadhwa steps back from the women-in-tech debate

Vivek Wadhwa, the academic and researcher who has been a vocal critic of high-tech’s male-dominated culture and a proponent of women’s role in technology,  is stepping back from that fight, according to a post he wrote for the Washington Post.

Wadhwa, who is affiliated with Duke and Stanford, as well as the for-profit Singularity University, has faced criticism — which he denies — that he profited from his advocacy of women in technology. What appears to have been the last straw was a WNYC TLDR podcast, subsequently removed, featuring criticism of Wadhwa by Amelia Greenhall, co-founder of Model View Culture.

Wadhwa complained that he was given no chance to respond. He ended up providing that reaction in a Huffington Post blog in which he pointed readers to a cached version of the podcast, so that listeners can make their own decisions. WNYC did air  Wadhwa’s response to the initial podcast.

A big part of the issue critics have is that they don’t think that men are qualified to speak on the topic of women in technology. Women technologists don’t need some guy to “mansplain” their issues, is the gist. The Financial Times has more on that here.

Note: This story was updated at 9:39 a.m. PST to add a link to WNYC podcast with Wadhwa’s response.