Quantifying the value of DevOps according to Fortune 100 companies

Some hail it as a trendy buzzword, some think it’s the future of IT. Whatever your stance on the term “DevOps”, you can’t argue the fundamental theory behind the phrase won’t benefit IT organizations — increasing the collaboration and feedback between Dev and Ops.

However, we were interested in just how much is DevOps growing, especially among the largest enterprise IT organizations. Also, we wanted to put real hard numbers behind the benefits of DevOps and IT performance, how much does downtime hurt the best of the best, the Fortune 1000 companies. In conjunction with a renown third-party research firm, we set out to survey employees strictly from Fortune 1000 companies.

Read the full report here, DevOps and the Cost of Downtime: Fortune 1000 Best Practice Metrics Quantified

Though some takeaways from the survey were unsurprising — DevOps is growing, duh — the actual costs of specific application or infrastructure downtimes was pretty monumental.

Here are some eye-opening figures we discovered:

  • Infrastructure failure costs $100,000 per hour
  • Critical application failure costs a staggering $500,000 to $1 million per hour
  • 17 percent of infrastructure failures and 13 percent of application failures last more than a full day
  • Downtime costs the Fortune 1000 between $1.25 billion and $2.5 billion every year

That last figure is the “wow” moment for me. Downtown costs these companies up to $2.5 billion every year. Extrapolating this figure to future years where even more of your business will run on critical software paints a very scary picture.

Read the full report here.