Panasonic details plans for Firefox OS TVs

Panasonic shared a few more details on its Firefox-OS powered TVs this week, announcing that Firefox OS will be used for six different models in its 2015 line of TV sets. The company still didn’t say when exactly these TVs are going to be available, or how much they will cost, but it did share a few more tidbits on features available on the platform.

Panasonic’s Firefox OS TVs will feature a relatively simple UI, dubbed My Homescreen 2.0, that will allow users to pin their favorite apps and content sources and quickly access them from the launch screen. TV channels can also be sorted by favorites, and there will be some universal search functionality for appsĀ and local content. Panasonic will also add some kind of multiscreen functionality to send content from “a Firefox browser or other compatible application,” but it’s unclear what other apps would be compatible, and what kind of underlying multiscreen technology the TVs are going to use.

Panasonic isn’t the only one using Firefox OS for the TV screen. Matchstick has been working on a Firefox OS-powered dongle that directly competes with Google’s Chromecast. The startup initially wanted to ship its streaming stick to Kickstarter backers this month, but is now aiming for an August release date.

Panasonic first showed off its Firefox OS-powered TV at CES this year. Check the video below for a first demo: