Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge come pre-installed with Milk Music and Milk Video

Samsung’s Milk Music and Milk Video services could soon see a lot more users: The handset maker is pre-installing both apps on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge handsets, both of which were introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Sunday. This is the first time that Milk Music and Milk Video are pre-loaded on a Samsung handset, signaling that the handset maker is doubling down on both services.

Milk Music was first launched a year ago as a Pandora competitor, offering owners of Samsung devices free and ad-free personalized radio streams. The company followed up in November with Milk Video as a free video aggregation app that also includes some exclusive content.

Both apps have been exclusive to Samsung handsets, and are part of a new media strategy that doesn’t focus on making money with paid content anymore. Samsung previously tried to compete with iTunes and Google Play by selling music downloads, movies and TV shows through its Media Hub apps, but the company shuttered all of those paid services last year.

Milk Music and Milk video could potentially make Samsung some money through ads, but the company seems to be more focused on using media to sell more phones — something Samsung desperately needs: Its profits declined 32 percent last year, largely due to slowing handset sales.