Podo: It’s like a selfie stick that you just stick to things

Meet Podo. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled camera that fits easily in the palm of your hand, and connects to your Android or iOS device. There’s not a lot to say about this device, other than a certain class of people will probably really, really see the value in buying a tiny cube that sticks to walls, mirrors or any smooth, solid surface and lets you snap a selfie with ease.

Obviously, you could use it for more than taking a selfie. It might be fun to set it up to snap photos of your pet sleeping in a hard to reach location or less positively, could become a boon to voyeurs everywhere. The photos it snaps are transmitted wirelessly back to your device via the Bluetooth connection.

The device is part of a Kickstarter campaign launching Monday with an early bird special of $79 per Podo and a regular Kickstarter price of $89 per camera. The regular price will be $99. Podo was founded in 2013 and had raised $1.5 million. It was part of the Highway 1 incubator and the camera is expected to ship by August.