How House of Cards helped one phone app jump up the charts

Spoiler alert: In episode 5 of the Netflix original series House of Cards, the U.S. President plays the mobile game Monument Valley. I’m sorry to have ruined the series for you with that big news, but truth be told, it is big news — and big business — for the developers behind the game.


Why is that? Because viewers of episode 5 hit both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store like a gale force wind late to a storm and downloaded Monument Valley. And we know that thanks to appFigures; a mobile app reporting company that took a smart look at how the product placement would impact game sales.

On its blog, appFigures explains that it watched both app store charts and saw Monument Valley enjoy a steep rise on both mobile platforms five hours after the new House of Cards season debuted. What’s the significance of five hours? The game appeared in episode 5, so the House of Cards faithful who tuned in as soon Season 3 debuted saw it five hours after they started their binge watching.


To be honest, Monument Valley was already successful, having quickly become a top game on phones and tablets not long after it debuted last year. I broke out my wallet and spent $3.99 for the unique 3-D maze-like puzzler with a compelling storyline, for example.

Monument Valley

But clearly, not everyone has heard about Monument Valley and you can’t dispute the impact House of Cards has had, moving the game back up the charts for top paid and top grossing games.