The internet of things will rock your business and here’s how

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The internet of things will disrupt the hell out of your business and you best start preparing your business to meet that change by preparing to deal in information as opposed to physical goods, according to Charlie Peters, an executive senior vice president at Emerson. This may be surprising coming from a top executive at a company know from process manufacturing and old-line systems, but Peters, laid down several hard truths in this week’s podcast about how the internet of things will change enterprises in his conversation with me.

He covered the three ways that IoT changes business, the hurdles that companies face from a technical perspective (and why that hurdle is driven in part by a business rationale on the part of companies responsible for driving the technical innovations we need.) Before Peters and I chat, my colleague David Meyer joined my on the show to share his thoughts on the connected home and how he thinks manufacturers might gain consumer trust when it comes to privacy and security. Tune in for his delightful accent and stay for some compelling content about Mobile World Congress and more.
Guests: Charlie Peters Senior Executive Vice President and director at Emerson

  • A european perspective on the smart home and privacy
  • Does the internet of things need a Trust-E or other seal of approval for privacy to communicate to the consumer?
  • The internet of things changes your business in three ways. Here they are.
  • The result of more information will be a few large successes and several mediocre businesses
  • Why wireless connectivity is a last hurdle for IoT that still isn’t solved.


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