Hyundai car start here for Android Wear, coming for Apple Watch

Yes, the Apple Watch could replace your car keys, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with the Telegraph last week. It won’t be the only watch to do so, though. On Wednesday, Hyundai debuted its watch app that lets Android Wear owners do the same. The car maker had previously shown an early version of the app in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, notes The Verge.

Blue Link Smartwatch

Obviously, you’ll need a Hyundai vehicle for the app, and that vehicle will have to support Hyundai’s Blue Link cloud platform. If you meet those requirements, the app will let you remotely start or stop your vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, flash the lights or honk the horn — the latter two options being helpful to find your car or truck in a parking lot.

The Hyundai Blue Link smartwatch app for Android Wear works through a Bluetooth-connected phone to send car commands through the cloud. The watch app supports both touchscreen and voice commands: Saying “Start my car,” for example, will do just that.

Along with its new Google Android Wear app, Hyundai’s Blue Link software will be available for the Apple Watch shortly after Apple releases its smart timepiece, which it’s expected to do this coming Monday.