iOS is winning the enterprise mobile war

Good Technology released their Q4 2014 report, and iOS devices are clobbering Android. Led by the enormous surge of iPhone 6 devices, iOS was 73% of all smartphone activations in the quarter, up from 69% in Q3.

Screenshot 2015-03-04 14.00.01

The iPhone 6 and 6 plus were 30% of all activations in the quarter, and 77% of those were the small iPhone 6, but people seem to be warming  to the larger form factor of the 6 Plus, because in the previous quarter 85% were iPhone 6 activations.

The biggest app story on phones is security. Secure browser installs are 27% of apps deployed by organizations, and secure IM close behind at 20%. On tablets, 42% of all apps are for document editing, and doc access through custom apps not far behind.

Apple is clearly leading the enterprise space, so its efforts there — like the partnership with IBM (see Apple is accelerating its enterprise push) — seem to be paying off, especially in regulated industries. Samsung is doing best among the Android players.