Upcoming Gigaom Event: Taking a closer look at artificial intelligence

Perhaps we knew that the ethics debate of Artificial Intelligence was coming all along with directors like James Cameron and Neill Blomkamp’s visions playing out as worst case scenarios on the big screen. Yet today’s debate revolves around the concerns of well-respected AI masterminds like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, who warn of the dangers of artificial intelligence in a more short-term realistic scenario.

The argument is two-sided and backed by notable experts. One one side, there is a real fear that artificial intelligence would displace workers, ruin economies and be a security risk for opportunistic terrorist groups as never seen before. On the other side, the argument is made that similar sentiments have always arisen around historical industrial revolutions and that overall, AI development will better people’s lives.

Despite both arguments, as AI technology develops out of it’s infancy, the warnings do have merit. As complex AI systems have more of an influence on daily life (e.g. autonomous cars or agricultural systems, warfare), how do we regulate and protect the systems of billion dollar companies are hacked on a regular basis? How will we counterbalance job displacement in a global economy that continues to struggle to get back on it’s feet?

Mainstream AI technology is a realistic probability in the next 10-20 years and we’ll be talking to some of the foremost scientists on AI about where we are today, the future of AI, benefits, concerns and policy at Structure Data.

Speakers include:

  • David Venturelli – NASA
  • Jeff Hawkins – Numenta
  • Julie Shah – MIT
  • Gary Marcus – Geometric Intelligence
  • Ashutosh Saxena – Stanford
  • Ahna Girshick – Enlitic

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