How will Docker integrate with IT infrastructure?

The explosion of interest in Docker has made clear that containers will profoundly affect the computing environment of the future. However, they are quite new and how they will integrate into infrastructure and application architectures and operations is, as yet, unclear. Still to be defined are important issues regarding networking, storage access, container orchestration, application lifecycle integration, and elasticity.

To address these issues, entrepreneur and investor Alexis Richardson joins Bernard Golden, VP of Strategy at ActiveState, on the next Fireside Chat webcast on Tuesday, March 10, 9 AM Pacific / 12 PM Eastern/ 5 PM GMT.

This interactive discussion focuses on the future of container technologies such as Docker in enterprise IT environments, and Richardson’s current open source project, Weave, which enables Docker virtual networking across multiple hosts.

Discussion topics include:

  • Who owns containers – applications or operations?
  • Integrating containers into infrastructure environments
  • How does Weave integrate with containers? Is it complementary or competitive with other container technologies like Kubernetes and Mesos?
  • Containers and the application lifecycle
  • Supporting technologies such as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

About the Guest Speaker: Alexis Richardson is the founder of Weaveworks, makers of Weave. Previously, Alexis was Head of Product for App Suite & Real Time Intelligence at Pivotal, where he led commercial vFabric products that moved to Pivotal from VMware, including open source projects Spring, RabbitMQ, Redis and Tomcat.

Audience questions will be addressed in real-time and can be submitted on Twitter using #CLFchat. Registration is currently open at