Acquired by Knowingly Corp


Press Contact:
Alessandra Wike
[email protected]

Knowingly Corp, an Austin-based Internet startup, announced today that it has acquired a portion of the assets of Gigaom. These assets include the website,, as well as the content library.

At the helm of Knowingly Corp is tech entrepreneur and author Byron Reese, who describes Gigaom as, “second to none in what it does.” He adds, “We are excited to be a chapter of the Gigaom story and look forward to continuing its mission of ‘humanizing the impact of technology.’”

“We live at what I believe is the great turning point of all of human history, and that is being driven in large part by the technologies we are creating. This new world we are making will not just be more prosperous, but it will be more fair and more just than any time in the past,” says Reese, echoing the theme of his book, Infinite Progress: How the Internet and technology will end ignorance, disease, poverty, hunger and war. He adds, “Gigaom will continue documenting this transformation and the technologies which are driving it.”

Knowingly plans to relaunch the site on August 15, 2015.

Founded in 2006 by Om Malik, GigaOm began as a technology blog and soon grew to become one of the industry’s most respected sources for tech-related news, events and research.

Founded in 2014 by Reese, Knowingly offers a number of websites and services, including, where people can log predictions about the future, and Correctica, a tool which catches errors in documents and websites that spell checkers miss.