Turning the lights back on

When Gigaom was purchased after shutting down in March, the new owner, Knowingly founder Byron Reese, did so with the intention of restoring the tech news site to its prior glory. To do that entails building a team of editorial staffers to cover startups and technology business news in a fair, honest, and insightful manner on a consistent basis.

The new Gigaom will get there, but it won’t happen overnight. Gigaom is a tech publication that was well known for its insightful staff and stories. That was the publication’s biggest strength, and to get back there again will take some time.

To clarify, this publication is still very much interested in delivering the news — that much isn’t changing. But for now, we’re not focused on driving page views, social shares, or growing other traffic metrics. Just good journalism and insightful commentary.

But let me back up a second to give a proper introduction. For the last half decade, I’ve covered tech news as a reporter and spent much time with the startup community. I’d always been a huge fan of Gigaom and I was shocked when the publication went dark. I, along with many others, did not want to see an archive of 200,000 Gigaom articles published during the last 10 years by some of the best writers in the business disappear.

As of Monday, I’m starting as an editorial adviser to Gigaom where I’ll be helping the Knowingly crew plot a strategy that will put Gigaom back on the map. When I’m not advising, I’ll be writing reported pieces based on the hottest topics in the current news cycle because tech reporting is my first love and likely something I’d be doing on my own time anyway. I’ll also be joined by some freelance writers, and a few regular columnists. On top of that, our owner Byron–a published author and founder of many businesses — will also be contributing with interviews of notable folks in the world of technology.

While the site will finally start publishing articles again, I’d like to emphasize that this isn’t a full relaunch. To do that, again, requires a full staff. What’s happening now is that we’re beginning to build towards that. We look forward to your feedback and to eventually bringing you a fully revamped Gigaom experience.