Report: Best practices and technologies for cloud API management and governance

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Cloud Computing
Best practices and technologies for cloud API management and governance by David S. Linthicum:
Cloud computing’s continued growth has led to an increase in the use of APIs, which can abstract the complexities of back-end resources such as databases, platforms, storage, compute, and middleware. APIs provide developers and users with the ability to leverage and releverage services, allowing enterprise IT to construct applications from prebuilt component parts.
However, the number of APIs that exist within public cloud providers, or even around traditional enterprise systems, continues to increase well beyond most enterprises’ ability to manually manage them. What’s needed to address this is a new approach and a new technology to manage and govern these services. The use of API management and governance technology is the most logical path, but planning and deployment best practices are still required.
In this report, we’ll explore the concept of API management and governance, and look at its purpose and value as well as the details behind planning and deployment.
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