Report: Leveraging bare metal clouds

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Leveraging bare metal clouds by David S. Linthicum:
The emerging bare metal cloud market provides a way to complement or substitute virtualized cloud services with a dedicated server environment. In other words, it’s a cloud service that maps to a dedicated physical server, and businesses are the exclusive owner of that service for the duration that it’s needed. It’s as if the dedicated physical server is an owned server. A business can access and leverage most native features of that platform, including accessing memory and storage subsystems directly without having to go through a cloud API.
This report will help IT executives and enterprise architects evaluate bare metal as an option for specific workloads, such as those that are durable over a long period of time, have stable workload characteristics (no need to scale up or down), are sensitive to performance latencies, and are I/O intensive. Workloads such as big data systems, backup and recovery services, and applications that often go to and from storage are the best candidates for bare metal clouds.
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