Gigaom Announces Finalists for First GAIN Artificial Intelligence Start-Up Challenge

Gigaom, the leader in emerging technology research, today announced six finalists for its first GAIN AI start-up competition. The competition coincides with the Gigaom AI conference held in San Francisco, CA, February 15-16, 2017.
The winner will receive recognition as the 2017 Gigaom Leading AI Startup, as well as an investment offer.
“We were amazed with the number and quality of applicants each showcasing the power of AI technologies available today.” explained David Hehman, Gigaom’s Start-Up & VC editor.
Finalists include:

Strategy, content curation/creation & deployment for content marketers.
Text message campaigns at scale, tracking engagement & conversion rates.

An AI that clones personalities to automate communication

Analyze B2B customer data for improved targeting / messaging & timing.

Machine learning techniques to identify the responsibilities, rights, and terms of an agreement.

AI for imagery – knowing what photos & videos consumers are posting & engaging with online.
The winner of the six startup finalists will be selected at the Gigaom AI conference by the VC panel of judges:
Bill Ericson (Wildcat Venture Partners)
Rudina Seseri (Glasswing Venture Capital)
Howard Love (angel investor, author of “The Start-Up J Curve” & CEO, LoveToKnow)

The competition is sponsored by NVIDIA, which is providing support to AI start-ups with their Inception program.