A Bottoms Up Approach to Digital Transformation

Every organization today has strategies in place for managing toward DX. They differ and are implemented w/ varying intensity, but any business leader at the helm of their organization’s digital transformation must consider two core metrics for any hope of achieving their end goal:

  • Productivity of the assets: how do leaders raise the return on the organization’s assets—the purchased tools and solutions in use across the company? And,
  • Productivity of the people: how do leaders drive bigger revenues through the contributions of individual employees?

By focusing on these metrics, leaders are honing in on the foundation of their organization, taking a bottoms-up approach to its digital transformation. This is a very real, effective strategy for organizations looking to make measurable progress on their DX journeys.
If this bottoms-up approach resonates, take a hard look at the Nitro Productivity Suite. Not only does this solution drive bottoms-up DX by tackling the paper problem—enabling every user across the organization to stop printing with PDF productivity tools and unlimited eSignatures—its Analytics platform provides rich insights into printing activity, feature usage, and user adoption, so you can take stock of the current situation, establish a plan of action to drive certain digital behaviors, and actually measure progress toward end goals. In essence, it enables you to optimize both the productivity of the people, and the productivity of the assets.