Google’s App Inventor: Escalating the Mobile Ad War?

Google’s new App Inventor could create a wave of new apps to serve as vehicles for mobile advertisements. But with Android Market already developing a Wal-Mart-like reputation, the do-it-yourself developer kit needs to produce apps people really use — and ones advertisers will really pay for.

Developers Say Nokia’s Ovi Store Needs Fixing

A developer survey of Nokia’s Ovi Store highlights key areas of needed improvement, ranging from more efficient submission processes to faster Quality Assurance checks and better communications. Nearly half of those surveyed indicate that Nokia’s app store is below average when compared to rival software stores.

Is Apple Getting Ready for a Full Recall of the iPhone 4?

Apple is hosting a press conference tomorrow. It doesn’t take much imagination to guess what it is about — the iPhone 4’s antenna problems. Apple is hosting its earnings call on Tuesday and it makes sense for it to deal with the antenna issue before then.

Windows Phone 7 Embraces the Microsoft Cloud

With its new Windows Phone 7 platform, Microsoft didn’t just revamp the operating system code and the user interface. For the first time ever, the company is finally embracing its vast ecosystem of services, making them native to the new handsets due out this holiday season.

Mobile Connections: Over 5 Billion Served

More than 5 billion devices are connected around the world now, just 18 months after passing the 4 billion threshold. Most of the growth is coming from highly populous areas such as China and India, but emerging markets are adding to the connected device total.