Integrated Online Accounting and Bookkeeping With Zoho Books

Zoho, a provider of an extensive suite of 26 web applications, many of which we’ve written about previously, is now offering a bookkeeping and accounting system called Zoho Books. It will compete with online business accounting systems like LessAccounting and QuickBooks Online.

Choosing a Collaboration Tool Capable of Working Internationally

When you’ve got team members all over the world, you have to have the right tools to keep them all up to speed. Inventure Management works with Brazilian and American employees and found itself in need of a collaboration tool that could cross international barriers easily Keeps Track of the Links You Share Online is a bookmarking app with a twist: It automatically gathers all the links you share online and makes them available via a searchable web interface. It can connect to Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and Pinboard via built-in connectors, and other services through RSS feeds.

Two Vintage Movie Making Apps Vie for an Audience

Apple is finally bringing AirPlay to home movies shot on the iPhone or iPod touch in iOS 4.3. I’d like to have some actual videos to show friends and family using the feature. A couple of new apps promise to make those videos more visually interesting.

Facebook Apps Can Now Access Phone Numbers and Addresses

Facebook has quietly announced to application developers that third-party apps will be able to access the addresses and mobile phone numbers of Facebook users. The easiest way to avoid making postal addresses and mobile phone numbers available is to not include them in your Facebook profile.

App Store Beats iTunes to 10 Billion Downloads by 6 Years

Apple has posted a downloads countdown page on its site as it approaches 10 billion apps downloaded. This year marks the App Store’s third birthday, so that’s an average of over 3 billion app downloads per year. iTunes took eight years to reach the same milestone.

3 iPad Guitar Amp Apps iPad for Those About to Rock

It wasn’t consciously a New Year’s resolution, but shortly after Christmas after years of tripping over my guitar cases, I decided it was time to start playing again. Luckily, there’s a healthy stock of iPad amp apps to help me get back on the horse.

NEO Pro Makes Outlook More Productive

Dealing with our overloaded inboxes takes time; anything that makes the email experience more productive has the potential for considerable savings for businesses. NEO Pro 5.0 is an add-on that promises to make the Outlook experience more organized and productive.

ChromaPaper Adds Offline Sync to Read-Later Service Instapaper

Users of Instapaper, a service that allows for the saving of articles to read later, should check out ChromaPaper, a Chrome app. It adds some extra features to the Instapaper website, but what makes it really useful is that it provides offline sync.