VoxOx “Universal Communicator” Rebrands, Updates to 2.5

VoxOx is a great idea: one program that does phone calls, IM, video chat, Skype messaging, conference calling, even incoming faxing. You can select your own phone number. Unfortunately, with an app that does this much, I suppose it’s inevitable that there will be shortcomings.

Google’s Priority Mailbox and the Future of the Web

A paper showing how Google’s Priority Inbox feature works shows how the future of the web can evolve to deliver hyper-personalized results to users while relying on a huge sample of people connected through the cloud. Priority Inbox isn’t just good for productivity, it’s the future.

Track Staff Time With TimeDoctor

There have been a number of recent productivity apps to help individuals track where their time goes. TimeDoctor offers to do the same thing for companies, including those with remote teams, by tracking the time that remote employees spend on different tasks.

Hamachi VPN Now Available for Mac

LogMeIn Hamachi is one of my favorite tools for creating a VPN to connect to my network remotely. I can create and access secure virtual networks across public and private networks. The new Mac version 2.0 sports a spiffy GUI, plus features that have been Windows-only.

Collaboration Tool MemberHub Updates to 2.0

MemberHub provides a place for group members to connect and communicate, as well as tools for managing those members. Its core features are focused on sharing information and working collaboratively within groups, whether working online or via email. Its new version improves tools for managing larger groups.

Can Quora Find Answers to Work-Related Questions?

I’ve been looking at Quora to see if it might be valuable for web workers. I’m skeptical that sites powered by the public can provide fast and reliable information. But here are some things you can do to improve exposure for your questions.

Mac App Store Nets Evernote 40,000 New Users

The Mac App Store saw over 1 million downloads in its first day of availability. That’s a terrific number, but pinning down the effect it’s had for individual developers is a little trickier. Evernote, at least, had tremendous success on launch day.

Alternatives to Dimdim for Web Conferencing

Now that the online collaboration service Dimdim has been purchased by Salesforce and is being shut down, what alternatives for collaboration, conferencing and screen sharing remain available? Here are a few options that we’ve covered in the past. Prices, features and usability vary greatly.

Salesforce Acquires Dimdim

Cloud CRM provider Salesforce has announced the acquisition of web conferencing and meeting tools provider Dimdim. Salesforce says that it will use Dimdim’s presence and on-demand meeting and collaboration technologies and development team to add new real-time communication capabilities to its Chatter collaboration platform.

The Best Games on the Mac App Store Right Now

With the launch of the Mac App Store earlier today, you might be eager to find out what Mac games are available to waste your precious time. While the choices right now are quite limited, there are still some gems out there worthy of attention.