Pump Up the Volume With Jambox from Jawbone

Jawbone, famous for Bluetooth phone headsets, wants to help you jam with the new Jambox wireless speaker. The portable system delivers the full audio spectrum to provide realistic sound when listening to music or playing games. The device functions as a high-quality hands-free conference call system.

DoubleTwist Screencast: It’s iTunes for Android

No matter what you think about iTunes, the seamless way it syncs with the iPhone is very convenient. Android phone owners wanting a full-featured program that provides a similar syncing experience should look no further than doubleTwist. It’s like iTunes for Android, and it’s free.

Evolution of Car Radio — An Infographic

It’s fun to take a trip down memory lane, for those of us who can remember where to find it, and an infographic by RadioTime has triggered a nice one. It’s a look at how the car radio has evolved since the beginning. Ah, those 8-tracks.

ZumoCast Streams Media to iPad, iPhone From a Home Computer

The ZumoDrive folks are applying the cloud storage concept to your home computer so you can stream media files right to an Apple iPad or iPhone using ZumoCast. Adaptive transcoding offers optimal playback quality and you can download files for offline enjoyment without a connection.

ABC News Now on Slacker

Subscribers to the Slacker personal radio service can now keep up with world news as ABC News is now available. The deal between ABC and Slacker goes into affect today and will provide news content taken from the day’s newscast, along with GMA and Nightline.

Slacker 2.0 for iPhone, iPod, iPad Adds Caching

Slacker lovers who have longed to cache your favorite tunes on the iPhone can jump for joy as Slacker 2.0 is now available in the App Store. The new version of Slacker removes the restriction of only listening to songs when connected to the Slacker servers.

Hands On With the Plantronics .Audio 476 USB Headset

For the past week, I’ve been reviewing a Plantronics .Audio 476 USB headset the company offered to loan me. Since I listen to music most of the day and also make heavy use of voice chatting, I’ve probably logged 40 hours with the headset already.

Rhapsody Now Connecting on Android

When it comes to mobile music subscription options, there’s already quite a few — Pandora, Slacker, and Thumbplay all come to mind. And now, Rhapsody joins the club on Google Android handsets with a new beta client available in the Android Marketplace.

Cubed For Android: A Mesmerizing Music Player

Tired of looking at the bland, stock Music application on Android? Cubed can jazz up the experience with a 3D interface that easy to use and nice to look admire. It’s a beta app, but offers solid base features plus a few advanced ones too.