What GM Ventures Is Looking For

At the Cleantech Investor Summit in Palm Springs, Calif. on Wednesday, GM Ventures President John Lauckner highlighted how GM Ventures could help entrepreneurs and startups, and also what GM Ventures is looking for in terms of its investments.

VIDEO: Tesla Model S on the Road!

Tesla’s next-generation electric sedan, the Model S, won’t be out until 2013, but the EV maker has already started testing the alpha version of the car on the roads. And Tesla has just released this video of the alpha Model S in real world driving tests.

Zooming Around Masdar City in Electric Pods

It’s a driverless pod that runs on a battery pack along tracks guided by magnets in the ground. Getting a ride on the car was an apt introduction to the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi, part of the United Arab Emirates.

KLD Energy Looks to Raise $10M for Electric Vehicle Tech

Electric vehicle drive train system maker KLD Energy is looking to raise $10 million in debt and securities, and has closed on a little over $2 million of that round. The startup has planned to build its business via electric scooters in Asia.

The Hurdles to Combining Electric Cars and Clean Power

The argument against electric cars is that if the grid is powered by mostly coal, then so are our cars. But the long term goal is to move the grid over to clean power. However, here’s the bumpy road ahead for these transitions.

Electric Cars Meet the Cellular Network

The new wave of electric cars will be connected cars, both via a power cord, but also through the increased use of communication networks. The latest example of this comes from Sprint, which is providing the connection for Ecotality’s Blink electric car charging stations.

Green Overdrive: Under the Hood of Tesla/Toyota’s EV RAV4!

The chief engineer behind the electric RAV 4, which is under development by electric car startup Tesla Motors and auto giant Toyota, sits down with us to chat about the future of the deal and the details of the car for this week’s Green Overdrive Show.

Range Fuels Lays Off Workers, Plans to Meet 2011 Target

Here’s the bad news from next-gen biofuel producer Range Fuels: The company has let some workers go. But the good news the company wants you to know is that Range Fuels is still planning to produce enough cellulosic ethanol to meet a government estimate for 2011.