Netflix Spreads the Love: More Content for Canada

Netflix wants to improve the quality of its streaming offering in Canada, adding “hundreds” of new titles there, including TV shows like Weeds, The Tudors and Kids in the Hall. Netflix claims the service has more video “than you can watch in a lifetime.”

Snapstick Wants to Wirelessly Stream Hulu to Your TV

Snapstick is introducing a new, wireless streaming solution that will let users stream anything on the web — including video from Hulu, and others — to their TVs. And it plans to do so by taking advantage of the PC or mobile apps for content discovery.

How Much Is Starz Worth to Netflix? Maybe $250M a Year

Starz has been a key component in the growth of Netflix’s streaming service over the past two years, but it has been woefully underpaid in that time. A new deal could bring Starz more than $250 million a year, according to BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield.

CBS: 20% of ‘Primetime’ Viewing Happens on DVR

Speaking at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, CBS research chief David Poltrack said that about one-fifth of primetime viewing is time-shifted on DVR. That number jumps significantly in the 18-49 demographic, where shows get a 42 percent lift in audience when DVRs are counted.

Vid-Biz: Netflix HTML5, Roku PPV, FilmOn & Ivi

Today on the Net: Netflix explains why it uses HTML5 for its connected device user interfaces, Roku is preparing to roll out a pay-per-view offering for small video publishers next year and FilmOn and Ivi are both hated by broadcasters but they’re not the same company.

DirecTV Kicks Niche Content to the Curb

The latest evidence that the pay TV market is starting to unravel came yesterday as DirecTV executives said the satellite TV provider could drop low-rated cable networks as a way to lower programming fees. That means less niche programming and less value for its subscribers.

Hey Hollywood: Netflix Isn’t the Enemy; Old Thinking Is

Hollywood studios and TV programmers are becoming increasingly uneasy about Netflix’s effect on the video industry and cannibalization of their existing business models. But refusing to work with a company offering billions for their content isn’t a solution — it’s just part of the problem.

Vid-Biz: Hulu Expansion, FCC TV Spectrum, MLB Mobile

Today on the Net: Hulu considers raising money for a possible expansion in international markets, the FCC unanimously votes on a proposal to enable TV broadcasters to auction off spectrum and MLB has lots of viewers on mobile devices, but very little revenue so far.

YouTube’s Skippable Ads Go Live

YouTube’s skippable ad format — dubbed TrueView — is going live today, offering users the ability to choose between different pre-roll units or skip them altogether. That means advertisers get more engaged viewers for their ads, and YouTube will get paid more for ads that actually get watched.

Netflix Adds More First-Run Movies for Streaming

Netflix has struck another deal that will give it exclusive access to streaming movies in the pay TV window. Beginning in 2011, new film production and distribution firm FilmDistrict will begin making its movies available on Netflix streaming shortly after they are available on DVD.