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The weekend review: smart homes and a new Sector RoadMap

This week on GigaOM Research our analysts took a close look at the the internet of things, the rise of connected devices, and an increasingly mobile workforce, some of the major themes explored at last week’s Mobilize conference.

The weekend review: agile BI, the future of work, and IT spending analysis

This week, as we enter the final week before our Mobilize conference, our analysts have just rolled out their latest report on IT spending, an area suffering stagnation in all segments except mobile. Also popular this week: a look at the rise agile business intelligence and the new face of workplace productivity.

The weekend review: GM’s data centers and shake-ups in mobile

This week on GigaOM Research, our analysts had their eyes on the mobile industry, noting the newest batch of disruptors. Other popular content on GigaOM Research includes a close look at GM’s IT strategy and an analysis of collaborative enterprise software.

Hemingway Mode is on

It’s unusual that I celebrate the description of a new feature in a social tool. But this, The Hemingway Mode in Draft as described by Nathan Kontny, warrants applause.

Hemingway Mode

The best advice about creativity I’ve ever received is: “Write drunk; edit sober” – often attributed to Ernest Hemingway. I don’t take the advice literally. But it points to the fact that writing and editing are two very different functions. One shouldn’t pollute the other. It’s difficult to write if you’re in a editing mindset and removing more words than you’re putting on the page.

So I’ve added Hemingway Mode to help.

To turn it on, when writing a document, use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+RightArrow.

Draft will turn off your ability to delete anything in your document. You can only write at the end of what you’ve already written. You can’t go back; only forward. To return to normal mode, use the same shortcut to turn Hemingway Mode off.

It’s helpful in creating that rough first draft.

I’ve looked at Draft (see Draft is a small and simple co-editor), and it seems to headed toward a “writer’s friend” sort of product, like Scrivener and Ulysses, as opposed to a superficially similar tool like Quip, which is really about group sharing of documented information.

Kontny announced other features that support this “writer’s friend” orientation: a daily quota feature, where you can remind yourself how many words a day you are supposed to be writing, and an integration with iDoneThis (see iDoneThis is betting on batch — not streamed — status updates), a batch task management tool.

Draft is developing real character, or taking on the character of Nathan Kontny, who now joins the list of people I am looking forward to having dinner with someday.

The weekend review: mobile forecasts and the challenges of SDN

This week the most popular content on GigaOM Research takes a close look at the future of the mobile market. With the latest flood of new smartphone releases, mobile apps and operating systems will play an increasingly important role in business intelligence and market strategy, and two of our latest reports provide an excellent overview of both.