3 More Google Analytics Tips

I’ve recently written a couple of blog posts related to analytics. It appears (based on the analytics, of course) that quite a few of you were interested in this topic, so I thought I would follow up with another post and a few more tips.

5 Simple Ways to Get More out of Google Analytics

It’s free and easy to get started with Google Analytics, but there are also a lot of advanced features that can make it even more useful. I thought it might be time to do post with a few quick tips for getting more out of it.

ScribbleLive: Cloud-Hosted Live-Blogging

When it comes to live-blogging news events, plenty of bloggers and journalism outlets use their own in-house tools — but more and more news organizations are turning to all-in-one, cloud-based solutions such as ScribbleLive, which wants to become a fully fledged content-management system for journalists.

Microsoft Watches Twitter — Fixes User’s Problem in Minutes

Microsoft (s msft) gets their share of slaps, I’ve been known to dish a few out myself. It’s only fair to give them a big shout out when they do something that is not only right, but far above what is expected. I follow David Hewson on Twitter, and today he was complaining about the inability to get Windows Live Writer working with his WordPress blog.
Microsoft not only spotted his complaint on Twitter, one of the developers of Live Writer reached out quickly with a fix to his problem. This is great customer service for a number of reasons: Live Writer is free, not paid; the way David set up his blog caused the problem; they gave David three options to try to fix his problem. That is simply outstanding, and a big pat on the back for all involved.
David’s problem had to do with using the Thesis theme on his WordPress blog, so anyone unable to get Windows Live Writer working on your similarly themed blog should check out David’s blog post detailing the fix. His feelings say it all:

Have to say I haven’t had a rapid response like that from Apple over anything for stuff I’ve paid for. And certainly wouldn’t expect it for something I got for free.

How Are You Using iPhone Apps?

Last week, Pinch Media released some interesting statistics about App Store usage in a presentation, now available online.

In short, they’ve found that while free apps are downloaded like crazy, active use drops off fast. Paid apps tend to see more use after installation and are used for longer periods. If it’s a paid game, all the better.

Long before he stopped using his iPhone altogether, Om raised similar questions on GigaOM regarding app usage.

Does your own iPhone usage support this data?

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Notebooks.com Buys GottaBeMobile

gbm-logoCongratulations to Xavier of Notebooks.com as well as Rob, Warner and all of our good friends on the GottaBeMobile team. Today, both sites jointly announced that Notebooks.com has purchased GottaBeMobile. We’re obviously big fans of both sites, so we’re excited that the two have become one.

logoFrom the sounds of it, I wouldn’t expect to see much change on either site although there could be cross-posting opportunities. Both will continue to provide reviews and news of notebook, netbook and Tablet PCs while also offering great purchase deals on those devices as well. Congrats! 🙂

QTWeb Is an Ideal Mini Browser for a USB Thumb Drive

DownloadSquad has a short item today on QTWeb, an open source Windows browser based on the WebKit rendering engine (also found in Safari and Google (s goog) Chrome). I’ve used the browser before, but decided to try out the newest version, which has quite a lot of enhancements over previous versions. In particular, if you’ve followed my previous posts on good open source applications to put on a USB thumb drive for use anytime, you may want to consider adding QTWeb to the mix.

In addition to strong privacy features, QTWeb also has an extremely tiny portable footprint that is ideal for a pocket USB drive.

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GigPark: Turning Social Networks into Testimonials

gparkIn professional services, you are only ever as good as your last engagement. Which is to say, if you have no one to vouch for the quality of your work, then you’ll probably have a hard time finding more.

Traditionally, the best way to sell to future prospects was by shopping around the recommendations of previous employers. There’s nothing wrong with that strategy, but clients may be skeptical because you control who is providing testimonials, not people they already know and trust.

GigPark means to bring word-of-mouth recommendations to the web, using a social network model. You can browse existing recommendations just by visiting the site, but the innovative twist offered by GigPark comes into play when you register an account with the site.

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Open Thread: Web Worker Thanksgiving

The annual Thanksgiving holiday in the US is coming up next week – and a lot of web workers are preparing to take some downtime away from their computers as a result. Before you go, though, why not take a few minutes to participate in our annual thread of thanks?
There’s been a lot of doom and gloom recently in the news, but for at least some of us, web working remains a bright spot in the landscape. I’m certainly thankful that my own work allows me to skip the daily commute (and not even venture outside on days when the weather is below freezing), and that I have the chance to work with interesting people worldwide on a daily basis.
What about you? What makes you thankful about web work? Share your highlights in the comments!