Fall Reading for Web Workers

I enjoy reading lots of different kinds of books, from fiction to travel to humor to, of course, tech-related books. Here are a couple of books that web workers may find enlightening: David Kirkpatrick’s”The Facebook Effect” and Karen Anderson’s “Take Control of iPhone Basics”

E-book Numbers Hint at Amazon Domination

When Amazon made the claim a few months ago that it owned a 70 to 80 percent share of the e-book market, we wouldn’t have blamed you for rolling your eyes. After all, the company has been criticized for its outlandish claims around e-book sales.

Inbound Marketing: A Social Media Primer

While we may not all agree on the “rules” when it comes to marketing, we can all agree that marketing has changed considerably in recent years, largely due to social media. “Inbound Marketing” is a primer for those looking to make the most of social media.

Chris Brogan’s Crash Course in Social Media

No matter what you do, social media is probably impacting your industry — especially if you do most of your work online. Even though we can all agree on the importance of social media, figuring out how to use it is not so obvious.

Open Government and the Web Discussed in New Book

“Open Government” is an interesting compilation of essays discussing the problems that governments and citizens face as they struggle to catch up with the openness that we’ve come to expect in the era of social media, crowdsourcing and user-generated content.

Improve Your Blogging Abilities With a New e-Book

Whether you’re developing software, working in marketing or even a full-time writer, the odds that you’ll be asked to contribute to a blog at some point just keep going up, because blogs have become a key method of communication for many organizations. However, contributing to a blog is not easy, especially if writing isn’t one of your strengths.

Fortunately, it is a skill that can be learned. “The Blogger’s Guide to Effective Writing,” a new e-book from Ali Hale, offers a guide to sharpening your writing skills and improving your ability to get important information across in a blog post. Read More about Improve Your Blogging Abilities With a New e-Book

New Book on Business Planning Helps Productivity

Every December, I sit down to write my business plan for the upcoming year. Invariably, however, the lure of pumpkin pie and the continuous playing of Christmas music take me off track. I find that I’m just too distracted to seriously focus on the business planning at hand.

Meet a Presenter’s Nightmare (or Friend): The Backchannel

In his new book, “The Backchannel: How Audiences Are Using Twitter and Social Media and Changing Presentations Forever,” Cliff Atkinson provides an example that shows the power that a Twitter-enabled backchannel (an online conversation between audience members, occurring simultaneously with a presentation) can have on a presentation.