Will Microsoft’s Living-Room Quest Finally Pay Off?

Most of the digerati remain skeptical about Microsoft’s long journey to becoming a key player in the digital home will ever pay off. But recently the company has been swinging a hot bat, with its Xbox 360 and a legitimate holiday hit in the Kinect.

Symbian: A Lesson on the Wrong Way to Use Open Source

Nokia hoped to revive Symbian’s importance by reinvigorating its developer base in light of a rush of Linux-based operating platforms like Android and LiMo. It hoped in vain and a lack of source code is the foundation for many its problems.

Android: Swimming With the Patent Sharks

Google Android is under fire from Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle, but only Oracle’s suit seems motivated by truly defensive motives. Apple and Microsoft want to throttle Android adoption to improve their odds while Oracle may want to keep Google from trashing its Java ME licensing business.

The Return of the Tech Dividend

It says something about the state of the tech industry that one of the biggest stories in the sector this week is that Cisco is paying dividends to investors. Dividends aren’t unheard of in tech; however, Cisco’s news had that tipping-point feeling to it.

Novell’s Patents Are Complicating Its Sale

Novell has put itself on the auction block, but a deal has been slow in closing. According to sources close to the company, this likely stems from the difficulty of accurately assessing the value of Novell’s patent portfolio in conjunction with its legacy product portfolio and associated business.

Why T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Curve 8900 is Worth Buying

It’s been almost a month since I broke up with my iPhone and switched to the new T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900. And while I sometimes yearn for my iPhone’s awesome sleekness and its admirable browser, the new BlackBerry Curve is proving to be a worthy and admirable replacement. Instead of boring you with details about the innards of the device, let me stay focused on what matters most to typical BlackBerry owners: usability.