Finding warez using Google

Do No Evil, should be more like see no evil. A how to guide to use Google for finding illegal software. Chinese version of Google can be used to find warez, claims this website. The comments on the post are not very encouraging for would-be pirates. I am not going to experiment – so you are on your own. This might be an urban myth of sorts. Let me know if it is (or isn’t!)

Back in Black

On the day one of the former WorldConners, Buford “Buddy” Yates was sentenced to one year in prison, MCI reported that it is finally making money. Net income totaled $64 million, or 19 cents per share, even though revenue fell 10 percent to $4.68 billion, and also dropped 2 percent from the first quarter. MCI also paid $70 million in cash for Totality.

Amp’d gets $60M

MVNO madness continues, and this is yet another proof that Silicon Valley VCs are desperately looking for mobile pixie dust. It will be interesting to see how the Boost-team does this time around and competes with SK-Earthlink in the marketplace. What’s that phrase – too many MVNOs spoil the broth or something…(more)

Cavalier Telephone goes IPTV

Richmond based Cavalier Telephone is jumping on the IPTV bandwagon, and will soon bring IPTV to its customers first in Richmond, Virginia and later in other cities like Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware , Southern New Jersey, and the District of Columbia. The company is most known for selling 10 mbps DSL connections for $25. The company will use Kassena equipment for its IPTV service.

Maybe Skype Is Shopping Itself

The rumored sale of Skype to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for $3 billion is like an open sore – every day someone pricks the wound, and the bleeding starts. Cringely, Reuters, Always On, The Independent and even Bambi Francisco have something to say about this rumor, which may or maynot be true. Maybe the VCs looking to hit one out of the ballpark are spinning. I have refrained from commenting on this for obvious reasons – since everyone is screaming about it, why not quietly make some inquires. So I did. And here is what I have found.

Skype has hired Morgan Stanley as an adviser who can screen the “buyers.” While that’s the case, my Yahoo sources tell me that Skype approached them, and they balked at the asking price. What was the asking price? No one will even as much as hint to confirm this, but Skype wanted a billion dollars. Beyond that, everything else, I take with a pinch of salt.

So what does that really tell me? Two things. First, Skype is open to the right offer. Secondly, the asking price of $3 billion is tad too over optimistic. There must also be realization that in not so distant future, the wireless and wireline operators are going to clamp down on Skype, and create quality of service issues for the service. More on that later.

Time Warner Cable Trials Broadband TV

Time Warner Cable, is putting 75 channels on the web for its broadband subscribers, as part of a trial, currently underway in San Diego with 9000 households participating. Real Networks is providing the streaming technology. The company will offer it for free to those who subscribe to its broadband and video service.

> Peter Stern, Time Warner Cable executive VP of product management says, “We believe the PC is just another outlet for video programming in the home. If the subscriber has already paid for the service, they should be able to receive the signals on their PC.”

Shocking… such evolved thinking from an incumbent. Maybe its from necessity – given the efforts Bells are undertaking right now in building out their own TV services. I bet “place shifting” service for extra few dollars is next on cards from one of the cable providers. Incidentally since this is technically not IPTV or even cable TV, I am labelling this as “Broadband TV.” Feel free to popularize the phrase.