Hadoop World: Cloudera Makes More Big Data Friends

Hadoop World is taking place today, and, indicative of the general momentum around Hadoop, there is plenty of news coming from the event. As one should expect, Cloudera is driving the action, but it brings vendors and service providers of all stripes into the mix.

Cassandra Snags U.S. Government, Runs on Amazon EC2

The U.S. government will be using NoSQL database technology Cassandra for a 400-node cluster for intelligence mining. In addition, Riptano, the Austin, Texas-based Cassandra-focussed startup says now the open source NoSQL software is ready to run on Amazon’s EC2 service.

Will Hadoop Vendors Profit from Banks’ Data Woes?

With many companies — including those in the rich, technology-savvy financial sector — struggling to store and analyze their mountains of data, it pays to establish a foothold in the analytics market. For vendors utilizing the capabilities of Hadoop, such a promise might be even sweeter.

Survey: Hadoop is Great, but Challenges Remain

Commercial Hadoop startup Karmasphere today released the results of a survey of 102 Hadoop developers regarding adoption, use and future plans. The results provide some interesting insights into how Hadoop grows within organizations and underscore its status as an extremely valuable, but none-too-simple analytics tool.

Why Labor as a Service is as Cloudy as it Gets

Often overlooked is the tool that made high technology possible: the human brain. But as it turns out, that’s something we can access via the cloud too. Some call it “labor as a service,” others call it “labor-on-demand,” but everyone should call it cloud computing.

The Cloud Performance Dashboard: A Quick Market Overview

As talk of cloud adoption by enterprise becomes more commonplace, focus is shifting from justifying the cloud, to identifying best practice and the highest performing cloud providers. One area with significant activity is that of performance monitoring. So who is providing cloud monitoring information?

Aster Data Offers Free MapReduce IDE To Boost Use of Big Data

Aster Data, a San Carlos, Calif.-based company, is offering a free version of MapReduce development environment for downloads, which will allow developers to build data analytical apps based on it. MapReduce is a technology that was first used by Google for parallel processing of bigdata sets.