Steve Jobs to Take Second Medical Leave of Absence

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be taking a medical leave of absence from the company to focus on his health, though he will continue on as CEO and still be involved in “major strategic decisions.” COO Tim Cook will run day-to-day operations in his absence.

Infrastructure Key to Google’s No-Downtime Guarantee

Google blogged this morning about a new no-planned-downtime for Google Apps, a promise it’s able to make because of its globally distributed infrastructure estimated at more than 1 million servers. Google’s expansive infrastructure gives it multiple options for migrating workloads during planned downtime.

Will Cloud Save the Day for a Power-Hungry London?

Private businesses in London are bracing for power shortages during the 2012 Olympics, and it appears data centers located within the city won’t be spared, a turn of events that could have U.K. businesses turning to cloud computing.

It’s Not Looking Good for LightSquared’s Planned LTE Network

A plan to bring a nationwide wholesale LTE network to the U.S. is in trouble. LightSquared has a troubled private equity backer and may be losing ground in Washington as it seeks a way around regulations that are making its planned network a long shot.

GE’s $520M Acquisition Into Data Center Power

General Electric is grabbing a piece of the booming data center energy business, with a $520 million offer for Lineage Power Holdings, a provider of gear for the $20 billion-per-year data center and telecom power conversion industry.

World IPv6 Day Is June 8. Should You Care?

Most web workers have probably heard that “the Internet is running out of addresses.” In response, The Internet Society, together with such major players as Facebook, has announced World IPv6 Day. What will this mean for web workers, businesses and individuals?

A Global Sensor Network Launches to Fight Climate Change

The company behind the sometimes-annoying WeatherBug app has emerged with a new plan to build what it says will be the world’s largest global sensor network that will track green house gas emissions. AWS Convergence Technologies, now Earth Networks, will invest $25 million into the network.

Google’s Priority Mailbox and the Future of the Web

A paper showing how Google’s Priority Inbox feature works shows how the future of the web can evolve to deliver hyper-personalized results to users while relying on a huge sample of people connected through the cloud. Priority Inbox isn’t just good for productivity, it’s the future.

Flash Still Rules in Chrome’s WebM-Only World

Google’s backing of its own open source video codec at the expense of H.264 has many open advocates cheering. But with H.264 widely supported already, the result will actually be more use of the proprietary Flash player for delivery of Web video, not less.

Rackspace Shares Its CDN Love With Akamai

Rackspace and Akamai have entered into a relationship through which Rackspace will resell a wide range of Akamai’s CDN services across Rackspace’s business lines. The partnership appears to be another indicator that Rackspace is doing everything it can to put pressure on Amazon Web Services.