Will T-Mobile’s Fast New 4G Phone Be Slowed by Samsung?

T-Mobile’s first 4G phone with a 21 Mbps radio is the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, a variant of the current Galaxy S devices. The smartphone will ship with Android 2.2, but Samsung’s update history isn’t all that great — will it affect sales of the new phone?

The Case for and Against a Buttonless iPhone and iPad

The iOS 4.3 beta, despite being covered by Apple’s NDA, is leaking signs of new hardware and software features like a sieve. The latest find is support for multi-touch gestures on the iPhone. Is the feature also a sign of a buttonless future for iOS devices?

Google Eyes Mobile as the Key to 2011

Google’s immediate strategic initiatives are all about mobile, according to CEO Eric Schmidt. Writing in Harvard Business Review, Schmidt said 2011 comes down to three priorities for Google: developing fast wireless networks, building up mobile payments and increasing the number of inexpensive smartphones around the world.

Your Future Samsung Phone Might Use a Color E-Ink Screen

Samsung has acquired Liquavista, a display company that uses an electrowetting technology for color screens. The process uses electrical charges to move colored oil and can use reflective sunlight to consume less power. With refresh rates at 60 frames per second, could smartphones use these displays?

Evidence for iPad 2 Cameras Shows Up in iOS 4.3 Assets

Apple’s pre-release software betas are often a veritable treasure trove of information about what’s in store for devices in future hardware updates. iOS 4.3 Beta 2 is no exception, bringing strong evidence that the iPad 2 will indeed have at least one camera, and likely two.

Kongregate Exile Raises Questions About the Android Market

Flash gaming site Kongrate launched the free Kongregate Arcade app earlier today in Android Market, only to have it yanked after Google reportedly said it violated the Market’s non-compete rules in the terms of service. The rejection, if upheld, raises questions about Android’s celebrated openness.

X7 Cancelled: Nokia Needs AT&T More Than AT&T Needs Nokia

Launch rumors of the Nokia X7, a new Symbian smartphone, appear to be squashed as the phone will reportedly not be available on AT&T next month. Without carrier support for subsidies and marketing, the odds of Nokia gaining a foothold in the U.S. continue to decrease.

OneNote for iPhone Review: Overly Simple Note Taking

Yesterday, Microsoft launched its first Office app for iOS, a mobile version of the digital notebook application OneNote. If you’ve never heard of it, it may be because you’re using the Mac version of Office, which lacks OneNote, greatly reducing the usability of the iOS app.

Connected Car App Users Accelerating 40-Fold by 2016

With more chips, our cars are getting smarter. That paves the road for more mobile apps that work between a phone and a vehicle: 129 million will use such apps by 2016, up from the 3.2 million consumers this year. What will the apps look like?

Getting Around Apple’s AirPlay Limitations

Some of Apple’s technologies stop just a little short of greatness. That’s where third-party applications come in to complete the picture (and the sound). Airfoil helps extend Apple’s AirPlay on Macs and iOS devices, and a brand new app called AirView improves AirPlay’s video playback abilities.