YouTube Revenues More Than Doubled in 2010

While YouTube wasn’t a big topic of discussion during Google’s fourth quarter earnings call, CFO Patrick Pichette let slip that revenues grew at the online video site more than doubled in 2010. There’s still no word on whether or not YouTube is profitable, though.

Google’s Priority Mailbox and the Future of the Web

A paper showing how Google’s Priority Inbox feature works shows how the future of the web can evolve to deliver hyper-personalized results to users while relying on a huge sample of people connected through the cloud. Priority Inbox isn’t just good for productivity, it’s the future.

OrganizedWisdom Finds Free Experts Make for SEO Success

With Demand Media currently planning a high-profile IPO and content farm material spreading out across the web, you’d think companies would be moving in the same direction. But OrganizedWisdom has found it’s better and more profitable to organize free content rather than pay for low-wage material.

Google Docs Gets Video Playback. So What About GDrive?

Google Docs users can now upload videos and watch them right within Docs. The upload is limited to 1GB files, and uploads count against your Docs storage. Sounds more like a paid storage solution than a free video hosting service like YouTube, doesn’t it?

3 More Google Analytics Tips

I’ve recently written a couple of blog posts related to analytics. It appears (based on the analytics, of course) that quite a few of you were interested in this topic, so I thought I would follow up with another post and a few more tips.

Google Apps Rolls Out More Spam-Fighting Tools

Email spam is, of course, a continuing problem, even if the total amount has fallen recently. So Google has responded by adding some new spam-fighting tools to Google Apps. Administrators can now enable DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). This technology is intended to prevent “spoofing” of messages.

Qwiki: Search as an Aural and Visual Experience

Qwiki presents search results in a montage of images, video, animations and other visual resources, and overlays it with real-time narration, using text-to-speech technology. The result is information as a watchable experience. For me, the experience of watching the content is eerie and unsettling. Provides a Different Take on Social Search

We’ve witnessed massive transformations in the ways we connect. is a new site that offers interesting–and sometimes curious and puzzling–ways of experiencing content from Twitter.’s premise is that “search is a social act which relies on trust and community.”

Someone Is Trading Stocks Based on Your Tweets

Stock traders and hedge funds can’t predict the future yet, but they are doing their best to come as close as possible, and that involves crunching every bit of data they can get their hands on — up to and including that tweet you just posted.

YouTube Drops $500k on New Gear for Creators

YouTube announced today it was handing out $500,000 worth of B&H Photo credits to its content partners, enabling them to buy better gear to make videos with. But the investment is meager compared to what some other video distributors, like Netflix, pay for their content.