Twitter Invests in Social Search With Fluther Buy

When it comes to real-time responses from your social graph, Twitter has a lot going for it that even Facebook can’t duplicate. And it looks like the company plans to do more to support that kind of feature, since it just bought Q&A startup Fluther.

How Click-to-Call Boosts Google’s Mobile Revenues

Google is finding a significant boost from a new mobile ad tool — click-to-call — that’s providing an important lesson on the power of online interaction to prompt offline actions. It is been a boost in helping Google achieve a $1 billion run rate in mobile.

Google Predicts Rise of Web OS in 2011

With the launch of ChromeOS, Google CEO Eric Schmidt realized his long-time dream of building a network computer. Today, Dave Girouard, Google Enterprise president, in a blog post, vividly paints the company’s cloud-future. As it takes on Microsoft, Google believes 2011 will be about Web OS.

Apple’s iPhone Is Made Better With Google

Even when vying for industry dominance, sometimes a company’s competitors are also its best friends. This is definitely true of Apple and Google when it comes to the cloud. Here’s a look at just a few of the ways Apple’s platform is dependent on Google services.

5 Delicious Alternatives

According to a leaked presentation, Yahoo is planning on shutting down Delicious. That’s bad news for users of the social bookmarking tool, but fortunately there are several excellent alternatives. While none of them is an exact like-for-like replacement, they offer a selection of useful bookmarking features:

Yahoo Starts to Hack Off Some Dead Limbs

According to a leaked photo from an all-hands meeting at the web giant, Yahoo is planning to shut down several of its services, including the Delicious bookmarking site, as well as a Digg clone called Yahoo Buzz, and an early blog-based social network called MyBlogLog.

Bing Mobile: The Swiss Army Knife of Apps?

Bing Mobile is getting a serious update on the iPhone and to a lesser extent on Android, with a handful of mobile specific features that draw from other existing apps and services. The update is designed to make Bing Mobile a go-to resource for mobile users.

Did Your Town Get Google Fiber? Google’s Not Telling Yet.

Google has delayed its selction of a town to get a Google built fiber-to-the home network. It’s sad news for those eager to see what innovations Google can bring to the process of building a broadband network and what applications might run over such a network.

How Big Should We Let Google Get? Wrong Question

A Washington Post columnist argues that Google has grown so large and dominant it should be prevented from buying new companies, even those in completely new markets it doesn’t have a presence in. But is that really what we want antitrust laws to do?

Playing Tech Support for Your Family? Google Wants to Help

Ever been pressed into service by family members to help them adjust their PC clock, or cut and paste text from a document? Well, the geeks at Google have set up a special site just for you to help your parents do all this and more.