What you need to know about the new iPad

Since Apple introduced the new iPad, we’ve been answering your questions about which device to buy, whether you should upgrade and, once you have it, which apps you should get. Which ones look best? Which data plan should you pick? Here’s what you need to know.

TaskRabbit pushes collaborative consumption with a new web series

TaskRabbit is launching a series of video interviews with “founders, entrepreneurs, executives, journalists and consumers” who are authorities in the Collaborative Consumption space. The series, called Collaboratively Speaking, kicks off with a conversation between TaskRabbit founder Leah Busque and RelayRides founder Shelby Clark.

Report: Google Nexus Tablet “a done deal”

The $249 Asus MeMo Android tablet shown off at January’s Consumer Electronics Show is expected to be the first Google Nexus tablet with a price target of $149 to $199. To lower the price, Asus may be dropping Nvidia’s Tegra 3 for a dual-core chip.

Quick tip: Transfer your iPad 3G data plan to a 4G LTE plan

One reason to get the new iPad is to take advantage of the 4G LTE wireless connectivity option. But what if you already have an iPad and a data plan for it? Here’s how you can transfer that plan the day you get your new iPad.

Nokia’s 1 billion opportunity: A China Lumia launch

Nokia’s Lumia smartphone line is expected to launch in China on March 28. China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile will all reportedly sell Nokia Lumia handsets; combined, these three operators have nearly 1 billion subscribers; a huge opportunity both for Nokia and for Microsoft.

Outages prompt multi-cloud evaluations

It’s increasingly clear that no cloud is perfect. After public Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Windows Azure outages — the latest just this week — more business customers are evaluating multiple-cloud deployments to build in redundancy and hedge their cloud computing bets.

Show off your new iPad display with these Retina-ready apps

The Retina display on the new iPad, available Friday, is absolutely stunning. However, the increase in resolution makes some older apps appear a bit pixelated. Here are several apps already updated with Retina-ready graphics so you can show off the pixel-pushing power of your new tablet.

Xbox & Chumby hacker designs open-source Geiger counter

Xbox hacker and co-founder of the Chumby project, Bunnie Huang, has designed an open-source Geiger counter to help citizens in Japan detect radiation in the wake of the nuclear disaster, Huang writes on his blog.

Apple labor protestors to target new iPad sale Friday

Hoping to attract the attention of Apple fans more interested in how their iPad is made than whether the Retina display is worth the upgrade or not, another coordinated, multi-store protest against working conditions in Apple’s third-party manufacturers’ factories is planned for Friday’s iPad launch.

No 4G chip magic in the iPad, just a big battery

We already knew from Apple’s iPad product page that the new tablet has a much higher battery capacity over the prior iPad. But is there a special or new 4G LTE chip to help? Based on iFixit’s teardown, it’s a battery-only solution; no advanced LTE chip.